Dawn Garcia

ATOD MAGAZINE / Founder, Editor-in-Chief and a Writer

“Life is sexy. It’s simple. Every day is full of color, movement, passion, and purpose. It exists in the threads of our clothing, the remnants of wine resting on your lips, the awaiting fare of unending flavor, the textures on the city walls, the cracks on the streets beneath us, the hum of the crowd of strangers among us. In other words, life is vibrant and full of possibility. That is why I create. Every brand and everyone has the potential to soar. You just have to present it in a way that the world takes notice.” 

Dawn is the Founder, Editor-in-Chief and a Writer in ATOD Magazine, Host of a new Lifestyle iHeart Radio Show + YouTube Digital TV Show on Therapy Cable exploring “Savoring Every Moment”. She is also the Editor and Writer of ART + CULTURE + FOOD in Lapalme Magazine (Print Editions). A published writer and voice in lifestyle journalism; she is a frequent TV/Radio guest, Public Speaker; Philanthropist and TasteMaker and is represented by WME as a Writer, Screenwriter, and Lifestyle Personality. She is also a Board Member of YBA working with the brightest students in inner city high schools throughout Los Angeles.

She continues to be a positive force in the world of creativity. Mother of one, she resides in Los Angeles with her partner.