The Olé Foto Awards! Bringing Happiness to the World!

Winners and finalists of the Olé Foto Awards will have a chance to win prizes as well as get broad international exposure. Some of the benefits include:

  • Showcase your work during the Olé Winners exhibition in Spain and beyond
  • Promote your photos via Olé website and social media
  • Press release and newsletter announcements to over 80,000 Olé members including galleries and renowned photo critics
  • Olé Statue
  • Olé Certificate of Achievements and Winner’s Seal
  • Published winning images in the gallery exhibition catalogue

The happiest photographs will be shown at the exhibition in different happy countries featuring a festive grand opening party with the most positive personalities on earth who appreciate photography and believe it can change our world to be a better and happier place!

Submit your images and become a part of the Olé community!


The winners will receive an Olé statuette, cash prizes, and the following titles:

The happiest Olé Photograph of the Year
€3,000 Euro cash prize

The happiest Olé Amateur Photograph of the Year:
€1,000 Euro cash prize

The happiest Olé Moving Images of the Year:
€700 Euro cash prize

The happiest Olé Main Category Winner:
Showcase at Olé Annual Winners Exhibition

Deadlines & Entry Fees

Photographers with the positive outlook on life are welcome to participate in the annual Olé Foto Awards.

 Entry Type Professional Non-professional
Single Image
€20 €15
Series (2-8 images) €30 €20
Additional Categories €10 €10

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