Olé Foto Awards is the first photography competition with a mission to spread happiness, fun and positivity through photography.

Olé Foto Awards is calling professional and non-professional photographers from all around the world to submit only happy, inspiring, positive, life-changing, uplifting images. The happiest images will become winners, contribute to the world’s happiness index and receive generous prizes, trophies, recognition and exposure, exhibition and more.

Olé Foto Awards wants to inspire people to care about global happiness and wellbeing. After all, positive vibes can spread positive change across the globe.

Olé Foto gives an opportunity for optimistic photographers around the world to communicate their vision of life and improve photographic culture for both professionals and amateurs.

Winners of Olé Foto Awards will receive cash prizes and trophies while your work will be shown and appreciated across the world, reaching and uplifting countless people and the happiest photography jurors…  Make the world a better place with the click of a button!

Olé Foto Awards encourages the growth of an aspirational positively charged community that supports professionals and amateurs alike who wish to share their vision and influence the way we see the world through positive and happy images.

The world of photography is witnessing seismic changes and we want people to spread happiness, encouragement, and positivity through this expressive art form.

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The Lucie Awards

Olé Foto Awards is proud to have a full support of Lucie Awards and Lucie Foundation. Besides earning the chance to compete for cash and other prizes, the Olé Foto winners will also be recognized and mentioned at the annual Lucie Awards and receive two tickets to the Lucie Awards Ceremony.

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